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Cabinet magazine issue 52 published

Put your hands together for:
– D. Graham Burnett on the complicated genealogy of confetti
– Jeffrey Kastner in conversation with Nicola Humble on the festive history of cake
– George Pendle on stamps issued by countries to celebrate the achievements of other countries
– Christopher Turner in conversation with Ian Hodder on the Neolithic origins of human celebration
– James Trainor on the history of Israeli New Year’s cards
– Plus: an artist project by Pradeep Dalal

Cabinet magazine issue 52And then join in the festivities as:
– Sasha Archibald praises the discreet charms of book indexes
– Jacob Hodes reports on the past, and possible future, of the shipping pallet
– Celeste Olalquiaga explores the strange fates of Caracas’s El Helicoide complex
– Josh Berson surveys the relationship between color and language
– Andrea K. Scott considers the color bittersweet
– Herant Katchadourian investigates the Catholic sin of scrupulosity
– Martin Kemp and Manya Pagiavla browse through Leonardo da Vinci’s book inventory
– Wayne Koestenbaum watches oldsters necking for his new “Legend” column
– Yara Flores speculates on the Christological subtext of The Cat in the Hat Comes Back
– Plus: an artist project by Serkan Ozkaya

Cabinet can be purchased through its website, as well as independent bookstores across the US and at chains such as Barnes & Noble, Hudson News, and Universal News. The magazine is also available in Canada, the UK, and more than twenty other countries around the world. A partial list of retailers worldwide can be found here.

Cabinet is published by Immaterial Incorporated, a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization. Cabinet receives generous support from the Lambent Foundation, the Orphiflamme Foundation, the New York City Department of Cultural Affairs, the National Endowment for the Arts, the New York State Council on the Arts, the Warhol Foundation, the Katchadourian Family Foundation, and many individuals.

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