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Cabinet issue 48 announced

Cabinet issue 48 published with a special section on “Trees.”

Climb above the canopy for a clear view of:
– Dan Handel on Dietrich Brandis and the birth of modern forestry
– Jonathan Allen on trees as a tool of war
– Yara Flores on the fate of Shel Silverstein and his Giving Tree
– Joel Smith on trees as snapshot props
– Benjamin Swett on great trees of New York City
– Janet Connelly on the life and death of the world’s loneliest tree
– James Trainor on the lost landscape of James Pierce’s Pratt Farm
– Paul Maliszewski on a fantastical treehouse
– An artist project by John Stoney

Then try branching out a bit with:
– Stefan Helmreich on the sound in seashells
– William Firebrace on Heinz Sellner, Philippe Tailliez, and the bathyscaphe Aquarius
– D. Graham Burnett on the Claude glass and the iPhone
– Lisa Robertson on the color rose
– George Pendle on Chuck Dederich and the cult of Synanon
– Anthony Acciavatti on psychorheology in the food industry
– Jeffrey Kastner on incorruptible bodies
– Wayne Koestenbaum’s new “Legend” column
– And the latest on Cabinet’s friendship with the Andalusian village of Jubrique

Cabinet can be purchased through its website, as well as independent bookstores across the US and at chains such as Barnes & Noble, Hudson News, and Universal News. The magazine is also available in Canada, the UK, and more than twenty other countries around the world. A partial list of retailers worldwide can be found here.

Cabinet is published by Immaterial Incorporated, a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization. Cabinet receives generous support from the Lambent Foundation, the Orphiflamme Foundation, the New York State Council on the Arts, the New York City Department of Cultural Affairs, the Warhol Foundation, the National Endowment for the Arts, the Katchadourian Family Foundation, Goldman Sachs Gives, the Danielson Foundation, and many individuals.

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