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NEW VIENNA NOW Art Book Published

NEW VIENNA NOW is a multifaceted and sophisticated book for all those who have an interest in present-day creative Vienna. Designed by Stefan Sagmeister, the 384-page publication pictures and describes the wide range of Vienna’s contemporary art and creativity against the background of cultural tradition.

In addition to its museums and music temples, today’s Vienna is a vibrant center of contemporary art and creativity in a dynamic economic region. The book intends to present Vienna’s most exciting scenes in different disciplines including games, young fashion design and other creative fields that would not automatically come to mind when thinking of Vienna.

Seventeen chapters take you on a tour through the city’s innovative architecture, art, design, fashion, film, games, literature and music scenes and point you to outstanding restaurants and shops. Each chapter is supplemented by information on names, addresses and websites.

The texts were written by renowned Austrian authors and are published in English and German. Visual artists were invited to contribute photos of Vienna the way they perceive the city. Eva Schlegel portrayed fashion designers in Vienna, Rita Nowak focused on artists who live and work here, Andrea Witzmann visited exceptional Viennese shops, Victoria Coeln plays with traditional Viennese locations which appear in a completely new light, Sigrid Kurz made a foray into Vienna’s gallery scene, Martin Guttmann of Clegg & Guttmann took a look at the city’s café and restaurant scene under the title “Distinctive Flavors.”

The publication was designed by world-famous New York-based Austrian graphic designer Stefan Sagmeister. “New York has nothing comparable to offer in this segment right now. Contrary to the Web this book allows to present contents in a more concentrated and focused way. A book is a tangible object and usually tangible things satisfy me more than digital ones. Given the enormous wealth of activities Vienna has to offer we initially had a rather magazine-like layout in mind. But finally we completely changed our concept in favor of a clearer, more literary model. I think there are lots of other cities that could well use such a book.”

Texts by Erwin K. Bauer, Tulga Beyerle, Michael Freund, Sven Gaechter, Michael Hausenblas, Alexander Horwath, Manisha Jothady, Franziska Leeb, Martin Muehl, Rainer Nowak, Gerhard Ruiss, Nicole Scheyerer, Dietmar Steiner, Christoph Thun-Hohenstein, Sabine B. Vogel, Brigitte Winkler and Tomas Zierhofer-Kin.

Artistic visualizations by Victoria Coeln, Martin Guttmann, Hertha Hurnaus, Sigrid Kurz, Rita Nowak, Eva Schlegel, Margherita Spiluttini, Andrea Witzmann.

NEW VIENNA NOW is edited by Christoph Thun-Hohenstein, managing director of departure, the creative agency of the City of Vienna and funding organization for creative industries in Vienna.

NEW VIENNA NOW is published by SCHLEBRUEGGE.EDITOR and is available in bookshops, on and (the special edition is available on In the U.S. and in Canada the book is distributed by Independent Publishers Group (Chicago).

384 pages, 17 x 24 cm, c. 120 illustrations
Texts in English and German
Special edition in a box (design: Stefan Sagmeister)
ISBN 978-3-85160-178-7

Image: © Sagmeister Inc.

For further information please contact:
Birgit Huber
departure wirtschaft, kunst und kultur gmbh
Hoerlgasse 12, A-1090 Vienna
T +43 1 4000-87107
[email protected]

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