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frieze d/e issue 12 published

Word Association: Gerhard Rühm, Theo Altenberg, Ann Cotten & Kerstin Cmelka revisit the experiments in poetry and art of the ‘Wiener Gruppe,’ a collective founded in postwar Vienna in reaction to the suppressed aesthetic movements of the time.

frieze issue 12Vienna Interiorism: Dominikus Müller and Helen Chang explore the unique role that interior design has played in the artistic and architectural landscapes of the city and ask: is there really such a thing as ‘Vienna Interiorism,’ a continuing tradition of artistic engagement with furniture and design?

Unprimed Time: Jörg Heiser pays a visit to the Vienna studio of the long-overlooked artist Martha Jungwirth and reflects on five decades of her painting. Plus Albert Oehlen describes his first encounter with Jungwirth’s work and frieze d/e publishes the first English translation of Austrian poet Friedericke Mayröcker’s ’In Martha Jungwirth’s Black Kitchen.’

Also featured in issue 12: Jonathan Griffin talks to Lucie Stahl about scanners, fluids and non-sequiturs; Elvia Wilk considers the exhibition as interface in the work of Simon Denny; and Matthias Dusini examines Josef Dabernig’s tireless quest for autonomy.

Elsewhere in the issue: Anne Feldkamp looks at how central Vienna is being fitted out for luxury shopping; Constanze Kurz from the Chaos Computer Club talks about Berlin’s role in data surveillance and the NSA scandal; and Vienna resident Isa Rosenberger reveals the making of her new film Wladimirs Reise, currently being shown aboard a nuclear-powered icebreaker in Murmansk.

Other highlights include Susanne Pfeffer, the new artistic director of the Fridericianum, on the objects and ideas that interested her in preparing for her first show at the museum and Astrid Kaminski discovers an unlikely blend of philosophy and dance at one of the most important centres for contemporary dance, the Tanzquartier Wien.

Finally, for ‘Das Ding,’ Martin Guttmann describes an object of special significance to him: ‘I often have pieces of tin foil hanging around my studio.’

With 20 exhibition reviews from 15 cities including Berlin, Bedburg-Hau, Cologne, Dusseldorf, Erfurt, Geneva, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Klosterneuburg, Lucerne, Münster, Salzburg, Vienna, Warsaw and Zurich.

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