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Art Resources Transfer announces 300,000 Free Art Books

The Distribution to Underserved Communities Library Program (D.U.C.) is a program of Art Resources Transfer, a non-profit organization dedicated to establishing a more egalitarian access to the arts through publishing (A.R.T. Press) and the free distribution of books to underserved communities across the United States (D.U.C.).

Since 1990, the D.U.C. has been distributing books on contemporary art and culture free of charge to rural and inner-city public schools, libraries, prisons, and alternative reading centers. The program creates access to information on the arts by enriching and diversifying public library collections with free, brand-new and updated materials. The D.U.C. serves a diverse demographic of students and library patrons whose access to contemporary art has been severely limited due to economic or geographic circumstances.

In 2011, the D.U.C. distributed over 25,000 books valued at 620,000 USD to 610 public libraries across the country. Due to better exposure of the program, along with the funding reality of public learning institutions, and the economy at large, the demand for the services provided by the D.U.C. has continued to grow in 2012 and is expected to persist in the coming years. The program currently offers over 400 titles donated by more than 80 different publishers. Over the years the D.U.C. has distributed books to over 5,800 public libraries across the country.

To celebrate the D.U.C.’s donation of its 300,000th book John Baldessari has produced the above commemorative benefit print.

For further information or to learn how you can support A.R.T.’s programs, please visit: or contact Alejandro Cesarco at [email protected].

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