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Skate’s Art Investment Handbook: The Comprehensive Guide to Investing in the Global Art and Art Services Market, by Sergey Skaterschikov

Skate’s Art Investment Handbook: the Comprehensive Guide to Investing in the Global Art and Art Services Market, by Sergey Skaterschikov, will be released by McGraw-Hill in November 2009. (Hardcover, 304 pp., ISBN-13: 978-0-07-162572-2, $65)

Skate’s Art Investment Handbook is an essential resource for investors interested in alternative investment assets. It is also a “must-have” for collectors and art-world professionals. Skaterschikov predicts this period of economic decline will create major opportunities benefiting artists, collectors and investors. Among his forecasts:

Art will continue to be a good alternative asset investment.

Successful investors will utilize the most useful metrics, information services and navigation tools available and covered fully in the book.

Navigating the price discovery process and liquidation value will continue to be investors’ biggest challenge.

Benchmarking and provenance research will be among the most effective strategies for investing in the art market.

By investing in marketable contemporary art, an investor in this recessionary market can exploit an ideal opportunity to acquire artworks well positioned and priced for future returns. Skaterschikov predicts, “living artists are the art market segment with the greatest potential for value creation.”

In Skate’s Art Investment Handbook, Skaterschikov provides a detailed, dispassionate look at the global art investment market. He then outlines an analytical model and rational strategies to profit from that alternative asset class, including techniques that allow investors to:

Correctly value art assets including forecasting their long-term values
Precisely track and forecast trends in the notoriously fickle art market
Expertly deploy strategies for optimizing returns on art investments
Confidently invest in art stocks, funds and other passive art investment vehicles
Skate’s Art Investment Handbook provides an extensive data section including Skate’s Masterpiece Peer Group: the Top 1,000 Works of Art by Market Value, the Top 50 Artists by Market Value and Skates Index of Repeat Sales. It also includes a glossary of art investment terms.

Sergey Skaterschikov is a Russian national based in Moscow and a financier with over 15 years of experience in the investment markets and on boards of public and private companies. He is the founder of IndexAtlas Group, a private investment company with offices in New York, Moscow and London, primarily focused on the media and entertainment, as well as data and technology sectors. Skate’s Art Market Research is one of IndexAtlas Group’s portfolio companies.

Review copies are available on request.

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