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The Art Model’s Handbook Explains How to Pose for Art Classes and Fine Artists

The role of an art model is to provide inspiration and visual reference to artists. So how does one do that? That is the subject of a new book called The Art Model’s Handbook.

art-models-handbookTopics include how to choose interesting poses, nudity and body issues, costume modeling, and professional conduct. The author’s experience is complemented by interviews with male and female models, artists, and fine art photographers. The book is illustrated with figure drawings, paintings, sculpture, and photography.

Faculty guidelines and sample art school policies are also included.

Wendy McClay-Triplett, Manager of Models and Props at Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, California described the book as “an invaluable resource for the new art model, the professional art model, art schools, art instructors, art students, and anyone wanting to learn more about the complexities of creating inspiration as a professional artist’s model.”

“This book has all the tools one needs to develop into a skilled professional model,” said David R. Quammen, founder of the Figure Models Guild of Washington, D.C.

The Art Model’s Handbook is available through Sample chapters can be viewed at ISBN-13: 978-1-442-16969-2.

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