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New Magazine Explores the Heart and Soul of Art Quilting

Art and crafting magazine publisher Stampington & Company has explored the world of fabric and fiber art through wearable art publication Belle Armoire, a book devoted to miniature art quilts entitled “Material Visions” and a number of mixed-media art titles including Somerset Home, Sew Somerset and Somerset Studio. On June 1st, they will launch Art Quilting Studio, a semi-annual special issue that will focus on art quilting in all of its forms, including fabric quilts, sewn mixed-media pieces and wearable art projects.

Each 144-page issue of Art Quilting Studio will provide detailed photographs and instructions to fuel artists and quilters to delve into emerging trends in art quilting. Artists from around the world will be featured in the premier issue, which also showcases innovative surface treatments and quilting techniques. With a focus on close-up details, Art Quilting Studio will display dozens of quilted art pieces, including decorative and wearable samples, created using both machine and hand-stitched elements.

“In recruiting art for our publications, we began to realize that there was a movement within the quilting community that wasn’t being represented in other quilting magazines,” says Kellene Giloff, Stampington & Company’s President and Publisher. “Traditional quilters and mixed-media artists were sharing techniques and exploring each others’ art forms, which resulted in unique and innovative quilted art. We knew that we had to share these pieces with our readers, and present them in a way that made them both accessible and inspiring to new and experienced quilters alike.”

“Though I had created quilts for myself and my family, my passion for art quilting really took shape as I became the editor for our special art quilt publication titled Material Visions,” says Jenny Doh, Stampington & Company’s Editor-in-Chief and Director of Publishing. “As I coordinated works from various artists, my respect for the art of quilting widened to include artists who were imaginatively incorporating techniques and mediums from other disciplines. The quilts that were submitted were more than just fabric and thread – these pieces represented the heart and soul of art quilting. It is in this same spirit that we developed Art Quilting Studio, to provide a forum for the cross-pollination of ideas throughout the art communities.”

Art Quilting Studio will be available semi-annually beginning on June 1st, moving to a quarterly release schedule in 2010. The premier issue will be available on newsstands or directly from Stampington & Company at or by calling 1-877-STAMPER. For more information about this release, including print-ready images, visit

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Stampington & Company® is the publisher of Belle Armoire, Somerset Studio, Somerset Home, Sew Somerset, Haute Handbags and 25 other premier art and crafting publications. The company also produces exclusive collections of rubber art stamps and high-quality artist papers. Additional information about Stampington & Company can be found on the Web at

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