frieze issue 162 published

Island Life: Dan Fox invites six artists, curators and writers to give their opinion on how identity, infrastructure and education shape art in the Caribbean today. With over 700 islands, each hosting a different range of languages, the region represents a uniquely rich and complex set of cultures and histories. […]

Afterall issue 35 published

Afterall presents issue 35, spring 2014, which examines art’s relationship to its economic context. Through the work of Olga Chernysheva, Teatro da Vertigem and Tony Chakar we look at art’s capacity to challenge the commodification of life under late capitalism, while accompanying essays reflect upon the conditions of circulation and […]

Bonniers Konsthall announces New publication: Andreas Eriksson, Roundabouts

On the occasion of the solo exhibition Roundabouts, Bonniers Konsthall is presents the new publication Andreas Eriksson, published by Koenig Books. One persistent question that pervades Western history is the relationship between nature and culture. This recurring theme in art, philosophy and politics is addressed by each and every generation […]

frieze d/e issue 13 published

Issue 13 of frieze d/e looks to the Rhineland and Benelux region. The Institutional Network: The concentration of art institutions in the Rhineland and Benelux countries makes it unlike any other region in the world. Eight artists, critics and curators from across the area discuss its unique combination of competition […]

Artforum March 2014

This month in Artforum: “Event Scores”: In his final interview, multidisciplinary artist Terry Adkins, who passed away unexpectedly as our March issue went to press, talked with composer and computer-music pioneer George Lewis about performance, improvisation, history, race, and sensation: “The Mars rover is my model of what I want […]

PALAIS Magazine issue 19 published

Featured in issue 19 –Writings by artists: Hiroshi Sugimoto; Thomas Hirschhorn; Ed Atkins –“New Ghost Stories,” a dossier by Georges Didi-Huberman and Arno Gisinger –A “Little Illustrated Dictionary of the Fall” edited by Marie de Brugerolle and Gérard Wajcman –Hiroshi Sugimoto by the art critic Minoru Shimizu –A conversation with […]

Cabinet Magazine announces “Laughing to Enlightenment” an experiential symposium

Cabinet magazine presents “Laughing to Enlightenment,” an experiential symposium on Williams James’s investigation of Hegelian philosophy under the influence of laughing gas. Saturday, 8 March 2014, 9pm. What’s mistake but a kind of take? What’s nausea but a kind of -usea? Sober, drunk, -unk, astonishment. Everything can become the subject […]

Kamrooz Aram. Palimpsest: Unstable Paintings for Anxious Interiors

Green Art Gallery & Anomie Publishing are pleased to announce the launch of a new publication on the work of Iranian-born Brooklyn-based artist Kamrooz Aram entitled Palimpsest: Unstable Paintings for Anxious Interiors. Published on the occasion of Aram’s solo exhibition at Green Art Gallery, opening 17 March, the fully illustrated […]