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frieze d/e issue 13 published

Issue 13 of frieze d/e looks to the Rhineland and Benelux region.

frieze de issue 13The Institutional Network: The concentration of art institutions in the Rhineland and Benelux countries makes it unlike any other region in the world. Eight artists, critics and curators from across the area discuss its unique combination of competition and collaboration; with contributions from Valentijn Byvanck, Brigitte Franzen, Stefanie Kreuzer, Andreas Reihse, Noemi Smolik, Dirk Snauwaert, Christopher Williams and Rein Wolfs.

‘Make your own context, set your own agenda.’
–Christopher Williams, Dusseldorf Art Academy

Dealing in History: Brigitte Kölle and Lynda Morris reflect on how Konrad Fischer and other Rhineland and Benelux gallerists introduced Conceptual art to Europe—and why their historical importance has been overlooked.

Impressions d’Amérique: John C. Welchman visits the uncanny world of Andy Hope 1930, one populated by superheroes, dinosaurs, cowboys and sci-fi references.

Also featured: Anna Gritz charts the performances of Gerry Bibby—plus his specially commissioned artist project; and Christy Lange considers the miracle of depth in the experimental photography of Ketuta Alexi-Meskhishvili.

Elsewhere in issue 13: Markus Hoffmann takes us on a tour of the renowned Grieger Photo Lab in Dusseldorf, whose clients include Andreas Gursky and Thomas Struth; Rita McBride explains her ten-point manifesto for the Dusseldorf Art Academy, where she was made rector late last year; and Michaela Meise talks to Pablo Larios about her affinities to the architect Ferdinand Kramer.

More highlights
Music: Klaus Walter deciphers utopian Esperanto in the lyrics of Austrian band Ja, Panik.
Film: Bert Rebhandl takes a look at the recent horror boom in German-language cinema.
Theatre: Jörg Scheller reviews Angela Richter‘s turbulent biopic Kippenberger!
‘Das Ding’: Candida Höfer shares an object of special significance to her: ‘A Chinese friend gave it to me as a going away present. She always had it with her for her little son Li Wu. In Chinese “Li Wu” means gift.’

Reviews: 19 exhibition reviews from 12 cities including Berlin, Basel, Cologne, Dusseldorf, Frankfurt am Main, Graz, Hamburg, Kassel, Munich, St. Gallen, Vienna and Zurich.

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