ART ARKTIS Dietmar and Baum & Tini Papamichalis to be published by teNeues

ART ARKTIS explores the fragility and variety of a majestic, untouched world through a collection of fine-art photography. Dietmar Baum and Tini Papamichalis embarked on a three-week expedition, capturing landscapes otherwise guarded from the sights of mankind by ice with the help of Hasselblad’s latest camera technology. Using their trained […]

Spirit of Place by Aurelien Villette to be published by teNeues

What happens to buildings when they are no longer needed or have outlasted their original purpose? They are either lovingly restored so they can be used for something else-or they fall into ruin, where they remain as silent witnesses of a bygone era. French photographer Aurélien Villette has made it […]

Portraits Martin Schoeller published by teNeues October 2014

Building on the success of his previous titles, Close Up and Identical, Martin Schoeller’s Portraits is cause for celebration. The illustrious photographer’s full range of expression is on display in this unprecedented gathering of editorial images. With an impressive amount of variety and scale, Schoeller shares his signature compositional imagination […]

The Light Between Us Vincent Peters published by teNeues fall 2014

How can a photographer of internationally known stars create iconic portraits that linger in the memory-especially since these actors have already been photographed and filmed millions of times? Vincent Peters-who has been working since 1995 for magazines such as Vogue and GQ and fashion brands including Dior, Louis Vuitton, and […]

New York Snapshots – Carter Berg

Experience New York from the perspective of a true insider. With an array of personal vistas and original viewpoints, fashion photographer and New York native Carter Berg shares a diverse range of vignettes of this bustling metropolis. Readers get a chance to revel in the city’s dynamic allure as well […]

North Korea Anonymous Country Photographs by Julia Leeb

“How long can an entire country live in an isolated time capsule, in a parallel universe? These photographs open a window into a society that we cannot begin to imagine. They are like a conversation between the North Korean people and ourselves.” Julia Leeb North Korea certainly wouldn’t come first […]

frieze issue 164 published

Tom Morton visits award-winning artist Omer Fast on the set of his first feature film—an adaptation of Tom McCarthy’s novel Remainder. ‘McCarthy and I spent a weekend staring at the wall together, before creating a diagram of the book that looked like a Mark Lombardi painting. I folded this up, […]

frieze d/e issue 15 published

Global Village: Has Zurich developed a schizoid identity, caught between globalization and provincialism? Writer Daniel Binswanger and novelist Sibylle Berg share their cultural experiences of Switzerland and its most important economic centre. Chain-Smoking Clotho: Four decades of Hanne Darboven’s art and personal artefacts have been exhibited together for the first […]