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ART ARKTIS Dietmar and Baum & Tini Papamichalis to be published by teNeues

ART ARKTIS explores the fragility and variety of a majestic, untouched world through a collection of fine-art photography.

ART ARKTISDietmar Baum and Tini Papamichalis embarked on a three-week expedition, capturing landscapes otherwise guarded from the sights of mankind by ice with the help of Hasselblad’s latest camera technology. Using their trained eyes and artistic points of view, the two have created seemingly surreal images-as if a scene from another planet was painted. The goal of this Antarctic excursion in February 2014 was to give insight into this fragile and pristine land, transporting the viewer to these solitary vistas. The stunning array of images of Antarctica evokes a lasting impression-to undoubtedly preserve this region because of its indisputable role in our planet’s life.

The first ART ARKTIS exhibition took place on May 22, 2014, in Hamburg, Germany-and now the images are available in a large-format coffee-table book.
Explore the wonders of Antarctica.
A must for any enthusiast of polar landscapes.

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