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North Korea Anonymous Country Photographs by Julia Leeb

“How long can an entire country live in an isolated time capsule, in a parallel universe?

Julia LeebThese photographs open a window into a society that we cannot begin to imagine. They are like a conversation between the North Korean people and ourselves.” Julia Leeb

North Korea certainly wouldn’t come first on a general list of dream destinations. Nevertheless, the country exudes an eerie fascination. It’s a mystery, an anonymous country isolated from the rest of the world. With two friends, German photojournalist Julia Leeb made a journey to better understand the country and its people. The result is a spectacular illustrated volume that offers a riveting look at its architecture, culture, and society. Readers get to immerse themselves in an unknown world. We witness celebrations for the 100th birthday of the country’s founder, Kim Il Sung, and follow thousands of North Koreans as they participate in an Arirang (Korean folk song) synchronized dance spectacle. But even the “quieter” impressions evoke emotion in the viewer: an excited bride, a mother with child-everyday scenes that are somehow quite different. These multi-layered images linger in the memory long afterwards, even when you have already put the book aside.

A spectacular view of an unknown land.
Impressive large-scale cultural events as well as depictions of quiet everyday scene.
The photojournalist Julia Leeb manages to depict a wide range of aspects of North Korean life.
Containing 15 interactive features.

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