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Artforum March 2014

This month in Artforum:

“Event Scores”: In his final interview, multidisciplinary artist Terry Adkins, who passed away unexpectedly as our March issue went to press, talked with composer and computer-music pioneer George Lewis about performance, improvisation, history, race, and sensation:

Artforum March 2014“The Mars rover is my model of what I want to make as an interactive artist—an improvising machine that you set down on the surface of a hostile planet, where it makes its own way.”
–George Lewis

“I try to make sculpture that is as ephemeral and transient as music is.”
–Terry Adkins

Daniela Stöppel on the art of Lucie Stahl:

“Stahl’s work points to the liquid magic, the near-enchanted malleability, of processes of visual representation today.”
–Daniela Stöppel

Sarah Nicole Prickett on Lars von Trier‘s Nymphomaniac:

“Charlotte Gainsbourg, too jolie laide to be uglified, is the first actor von Trier has found who gets hotter in the face of abasement.”
–Sarah Nicole Prickett

Manuel Borja-Villel on T. J. Clark‘s latest tome, Picasso and Truth:

“For Clark, Guernica sums up the tension between the private space of the bourgeoisie and the public space of the new mass society.”
–Manuel Borja-Villel

Close-up: Tony Pipolo plumbs the family psychodynamics of Stan Brakhage‘s Tortured Dust (1984):

“The tensions that afflicted Brakhage while making Tortured Dust suggest he was struggling toward finding a way of revealing unpleasant things about himself to those he loved.”
–Tony Pipolo

· Also: Achim Hochdörfer visits Christopher Wool at the Guggenheim; Matt Saunders reviews Amy Sillman‘s retrospective; Greil Marcus considers Joel and Ethan Coen‘s Inside Llewyn Davis; Daniel Birnbaum remembers Arthur C. Danto; Winnie Wong examines the phenomenon of architectural copies in China; Kaelen Wilson-Goldie pens an Openings on Jumana Manna; and Thierry de Duve investigates the notion of non-art.

· Plus: Claire Bishop on Making Art Global; Alison M. Gingeras on Friedrich Kunath‘s artist’s book You Owe Me a Feeling; Daniel Birnbaum on “1938: Kunst, Künstler, Politik“; Zehra Jumabhoy on Bhupen Khakhar; and Fred Tomaselli relays his Top Ten.

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