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Aperture Foundation announce app. Merce Cunningham. 65 Years

Merce Cunningham: 65 Years is a dynamic multimedia app celebrating the unique legacy of the late choreographer, dancer, and artist. This innovative, primary resource offers a vibrant and experiential account of Merce Cunningham’s life and work, while reflecting Cunningham’s own interest in engaging with technology—a principal motivation for creating the interactive app. Marking Aperture Foundation’s first major venture into the world of digital publishing, Aperture, in collaboration with the Cunningham Dance Foundation, have created an engaging project with over 40 excerpts from Cunningham’s dances (most including sound), interviews with David Vaughan, and passages from the riveting series, “Mondays with Merce” as well as additional images from the last 15 years of Cunningham’s life, and from the Legacy Tour which ended December 31, 2011. Merce Cunningham: 65 Years is more of Merce Cunningham and his extraordinary work, than simply about him.

This additional multimedia joins forces with set and costume designs, musical scores, choreographic notes, selected drawings and journal entries by Cunningham, over 200 photographs, all the essays he is known to have written, and more!

Evolving out of the original print publication, Merce Cunningham: Fifty Years (Aperture, 1997) by Company Archivist for over 50 years, David Vaughan, and created in collaboration with Cunningham, Merce Cunningham: 65 Years, an expanded, multimedia, digital edition, picks up in 1995 and continues the chronicling of his life and work until his death in 2009, and then through the subsequent two year Legacy Tour.

Artists whose work represented in Merce Cunningham: 65 Years include:
William Anastasi, Daniel Arsham, Charles Atlas, Oscar Bailey, Howard Bay, Stephanie Berger, Michael Blackwood, Dove Bradshaw, Tom Brazil, Merrill Brockway, Sergei Bugaev, Rudy Burckhardt, John Cage, Elliot Caplan, Imogen Cunningham, Merce Cunningham, Arnold Eagle, Johan Elbers, Anna Finke, Allen Ginsberg, Hervé Gloaguen, Martha Graham, Morris Graves, Timothy Greenfield-Sanders, Lois Greenfield, Farrell Grehan, Robert Hill, Peter Hujar, Douglas H. Jeffrey, Jasper Johns, Clemens Kalischer, James Klosty, Takehisa Kosugi, Mark Lancaster, Hazel Larsen Archer, Eleanor Lauer, Arch Lauterer, Annie Leibovitz, Saul Leiter, Gary Lichtenstein, Roy Lichtenstein, John Lindquist, Fred W. MacDarrah, Barbara Morgan, Bruce Nauman, Isamu Noguchi, Dorothy Norman, Michael O’Neill, OpenEndedGroup (Marc Downie, Shelley Eshkar, and Paul Kaiser), Nam June Paik, Robert Rauschenberg, John G. Ross, Richard Rutledge, Beatriz Schiller, Marvin Silver, Marsha Skinner, Frank Stella, Nathaniel Tileston, David Tudor, Max Waldman, Andy Warhol, Robert Whitman.



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