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Looking for P. James”, a unique photo journal portraying old Madras and New Chennai

“Looking for P James” by Darren Burnham, published by Global Adjustments, is a refreshing book which gives insights of old Madras and New Chennai. Painting an affectionate and sometimes irreverent look at Chennai, the book talks about the city that we think we know and love so well. Complimenting the book, Darren Burnham made a flamboyant entry at the event dressed in South Indian ethnic attire and driven in a classic red car.

“The book “Looking for P. James”, was release by Dr V Sumathran, Executive Chairman of Hinduja Automotive UK and first copy was received by Mr. Nigel Wark, Executive Director – Ford India at Rhapsody – Courtyard by Marriott.”

Darren Burnham is a UK based author and photographer who lived and worked in Chennai between 2003 and 2009, during this time he became widely known for some award winning photography of the city. “Looking for P. James” is essentially a compilation of all of his best shots taken during his time spent in Chennai along with a short narrative that gives a brief run through of the history of city before describing some of the more idiosyncratic aspects of the Chennai. Darren also openly talks about his love affair with the city and India at what he describes as a pivotal time in the country’s history.

Kanimozhi, Rajya Sabha MP added by saying – “Looking for P. James is a book that captures the colors and scape of Chennai in a very endearing way. The diverse cultures portrayed bring a smile. It is the observation of an expat done with a lot of warmth.”

The Foreword has been written by Ranjini Manian, CEO, Global Adjustments and the highly respected author of “Doing Business in India for Dummies”. She has also contributed a series of “India insights” to “Looking for P James” that gives the reader a window into the finer aspects and culture of the city. India Insights appear as snippets all through out the book creating a more pleasurable reading experience of ‘Looking for P James.’

Commenting on the launch of ‘Looking for P James’, Darren Burnham said, “I wanted something with a heartbeat, something that could provide an insight into the lives of people, the festivals, and the little vignettes of everyday life which make living in Chennai so different from life in the West. Looking for P James captures this essence of the city through the lenses providing a more visual experience that many will certainly appreciate.”

Ranjini Manian, CEO, Global Adjustments said, “We are delighted to have forayed in to publishing with Looking for P James being our debut initiative. India Immersion Center (IIC) has been a platform to introduce foreign talents in to the country. This book stands as a shining example of our accomplishment on the same. Working along with Darren Burnham to compile a photo journal of Chennai has been a wonderful experience. There are so many aspects of Chennai that are new even to most Chennaites which has been captured through this assimilation of photographs by Darren

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