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Also Ivanovich Featured in New International Art Book

Finer Things Artists Network has worked all year developing and marketing Arso’s online portfolios and accounts to establish visibility and storefronts online to supplement his studio gallery business in Carlsbad.

Abstract Land by Arso Ivanovich
The early years for Arso were dark and tempered with harsh reality, particularly for the tender ages. Digging within himself, Arso drew inspiration from this well of difficult experiences. The artist within was conceived, though it would be many years of development later before Arso would discover his niche in the fine arts. Somehow he was able to develop a hard-shell which allowed the creative artist to develop within a turbulent sea of dreams. With such a grim beginning its not hard to follow that a stout heart and a creative imagination would develop in such circumstances. While the focus of his early life was on survival, the artist was peeking through this shell, someday to emerge onto the international art scene with his daring uncommon perspective, and even more rare, his genius talent for communicating his wild and vibrant inspirations through the visual arts to the world.

When Arso discovered his unique technique of crystallizing watercolors to resemble the icy panes of picturesque scenery from his earliest memories as a boy in Montenegro, he knew he was onto something big. After perfecting this technique with watercolor, Arso continued to push the creative envelope to the limit by mastering this crystallization technique in oil as well. To this day no other known artist uses this technique which has become Arso’s signature style since 1969 when he debuted in his first art exhibit in Milwaukee. Arso is sure to be a notable talent for generations of artists to come.
A buzz throughout the art community began with critics compelled by Arso’s work. He delivers a subliminal message to all who have lived through an ordeal, mastered, and triumphed the experience. He reminds all of us, that life though not always pleasant and pretty is nevertheless a fascinating and beautiful to contemplate illusion, each of us possessing a distinct perspective. A browse through Arso’s catalog of work over time shows an evolution from classical realism mastery to his own unique fanciful and transitory dreamscapes. Life is after all what we make of it consciously or not. A melding of influences from master artists preceding himself, Arso has compelled art critics to compare him to Cezanne, Klee, Picasso, Dali, Chagall, and Degas. His works extend from lithographs, watercolors, and oils to wood carvings and sculptures. Though artists and writers speculate, crystallization is a secret technique Arso guards jealously, at least until he believes he cannot push the limits of its creative potential further. We hope he’s at least written the secret formula and process down so he won’t take his secret to his grave.

Arso’s artistic style has naturally developed over time. His early work is demonstrative of his mastery of the classical and renaissance periods. He studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Sarajevo before coming to America in 1967. Already prepped at the Sarajevo Teacher Training Academy in Tulza, Arso received a Master of Arts degree at the University of Milwaukee and secured a position as an assistant professor of Fine Arts two years later. He subsequently lectured at art schools and leagues for six years to graduate art students from around the world before retiring to paint full-time.

Additionally, Arso ran his own private artist tutoring for over 20 yeas to students with a graduate degree in Fine Arts, several who took his private classes for over five years including Welton Brady, Steve Horvat (impressionist), Harold Wilson, Chairman of Cardinal Stritch College, WI, and Mary Becker.

Today Arso’s original works sell for between $10,000-$95,000 depending on the size and the medium. Throughout his artistic career Arso’s collectors have acquired over $2 million dollars of his legacy with untold value in today’s market. Until recently, Arso’s works have been sold exclusively from his studio gallery in Carlsbad and select galleries internationally. Art enthusiasts and collectors alike will be pleased to learn Arso is now included in the Inspiration: International Art Book 2017