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Parkett 93: Valentin Carron, Frances Stark, Adrián Villar Rojas, and Danh Vo and more

The new Parkett 93 features collaborations with Valentin Carron, Frances Stark, Adrián Villar Rojas, and Danh Vo.

Parkett 93Valentin Carron finds inspiration in neglected public art, commonplace architectural adornments, and broken-down motorbikes. In this issue, Lionel Bovier, David Breslin, and Giovanni Carmine provide a closer look at his sculptures. For his Parkett edition, the artist has transformed a simple table bell into a beautiful object of bronze and wood.

“Valentin Carron’s restored moped was taking sun the first time I saw it at the Swiss Pavilion in Venice. Its lush Oxford blue body, a deeper shade than the azure of the ornament on its front, greedily sucked in the light while the chrome of the wheel covers coughed it back up in blinding little blasts.”
–David Breslin

Frances Stark uses her own diaristic reflections and sexual encounters on the Internet as material for drawings, videos, performances, and PowerPoint presentations. Christoph Gurk and Alex Kitnick reflect on the breadth of her work, and Dieter Roelstraete and Monika Szewczyk conduct a conversation over e-mail. Frances Stark’s edition for Parkett, Dishonest but Appealing, is a stash book—a hand-bound hardcover hollowed out to hold whatever you hope to hide away.

“The artist has to make a change, define the times. Stark does this…by returning to the epic—but a homemade epic, an almost-epic, virtually opera buffa, but actually also basic desktop design.”
–Monika Szewczyk

Adrián Villar Rojas translates science-fiction fantasies of dystopian futures into monumental sculptures made of unfired clay. Doryun Chong and Eungie Joo consider his different projects, while D. Graham Burnett presents a transcript of three critical responses. For his Parkett edition and inspired by the nest of the Hornero, Argentina’s iconic bird, Adrián Villar Rojas has created a series of unique sculptures that emulate the animal’s artistry.

“Are we witnessing a scene after a massacre, an environmental catastrophe, or a cataclysmic epidemic that has wiped out all living forms, leaving only this architectural structure as remainders? A whole civilization without its makers?”
–Doryun Chong

Danh Vo‘s installations retell history through the lens of his family’s experiences. Here Sabeth Buchmann, Michael Newman, and Michael Taussig offer their views on the artist. For his Parkett edition Danh Vo has collected a set of rare vintage postcards from Vietnam, each one now uniquely transformed by his father’s precise penmanship.

“Rarely have exhibition spaces been so charged with aesthetic tension and intensity while at the same time bearing witness to the very dystopia that is inscribed into the anti-aesthetic legacies of the ’60s and ’70s avant-gardes.”
–Sabeth Buchmann

Also in this issue: Doug Aitken talks to Tim Griffin about his cross-country American odyssey, Station to Station; Angela Vettese describes the Italian extravaganzas organized by patron Nicoletta Fiorucci and curator Milovan Farronato; and Michael Glasmeier looks back at two Rembrandt self-portraits.

For the Insert, Tala Madani has miniaturized the loutish men who people much of her work—yet their mischief-making remains undiminished.

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