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Texte zur Kunst December 2013

Whither Architecture?—This is one of the central questions underlying the new issue of Texte zur Kunst. We situate architecture in the forcefields of art and aesthetics; the economy of the market and configurations of power; between social processes of displacement and collective political projects; between the materially articulated volumes of buildings and their implication in technological mediatization.

Texte zur KunstArchitecture has its time and place. It intervenes in historically built conditions, and is, in this sense, a built politics of history. By materially pre-forming the way in which a society lives together, it also models the future. We put a special focus on the question of a communally shared existence, which here and now particularly implies addressing questions of property. In the interplay of art and architecture, ownership has always played a crucial role. Yet we are also concerned with how the analysis of various forms of building, in the sense of a critical aesthetics of architecture, can do justice to such political issues.

We look at developers’ architecture and how it co-opts art on the streets and in galleries. We speak to members of a Berlin Baugruppe, a building community, who explore new modes of shared planning and living. Our authors investigate design for high-end gallery spaces in the age of hyper-capitalism, and critically re-examine architecture exhibitions beyond the pure aestheticization of space. With an eye to recent architectural history we reconsider the legacy of Oswald Mathias Ungers, who in 1970s West-Berlin authored unfulfilled promises for contemporary cities: the green archipelago and the urban villa. We also publish a plea against the destruction of the Marx-Engels-Forum in former East Berlin, and recount the development of the audio-visual architecture-statement amidst the deployment of an international media-architecture of administration, as it occurred at the 1976 UN ‘Habitat’-conference.

Plus a picture spread by Yorgos Sapountzis and reviews from Berlin, Bergen, Boston, Cologne, Frankfurt/Main, Geel, Hamilton, Istanbul, Langenhagen, Łódź, Mechelen, Medellín, Moscow, New York, Rotterdam, and Venice.

Exclusive new artists’ editions by Julie Mehretu and Jorinde Voigt.

English content:


Main Section

Niklas Maak
Living like Sophie Charlotte

Hila Peleg talks to members of Baugruppe R 50
To Need and to Have

Carson Chan
Reconsidering Ungers: Brief Observations on a Legacy

Beatriz Colomina
Exhibitionist Architecture

Axel Wieder talks to architect Annabelle Selldorf
Narrow Statements

Felicity D. Scott
Carry on Talking

Dieter Detzner
For the Marx-Engels-Forum


Sven Lütticken
Cleves and Tartars
On H. P. Riegel’s new biography of Joseph Beuys

Andrew Stefan Weiner
Sounds of Second Worlds
On sound art outside the West

Paul Galvez
A Lump, a Disco Ball, an Ugly Mountain
On Amy Sillman at ICA, Boston

Tal Sterngast
Figures Thriving Through Decay
On Avner Ben-Gal at CFA, Berlin

Mark Nash
Medellín Meditations
On the 43 Salón (inter)Nacional de Artistas, Medellín

Miya Yoshida
Poetic Ventilator. Things that Talk
On Jewyo Rhii at MMK Zollamt, Frankfurt/Main

Melissa Canbaz
Intergenerational Feminisms
On “Der feine Unterschied” at Kunstverein Langenhagen

Kari Rittenbach
Valued Objects, High Returns
On Amie Siegel at Simon Preston Gallery, New York

Piper Marshall
The Good Bergsonians of Brooklyn
On “La Poussière de Soleils” at Real Fine Arts, New York

Oleg Frolov
Merlin Carpenter Goes East
On Merlin Carpenter’s “Burberry Propaganda Tour 2013″

Travis Jeppesen
Sperm Is Everywhere
On “The Temptation of AA Bronson” at Witte de With, Rotterdam

Laurence Rickels
Before the Middle Gate
On “Middle Gate Geel ’13″ at Cultuurcentrum de Werft, Geel


Marc Siegel
How Not to Lose Track of Time: Remembering Mario Montez (1935–2013)

Edward Dimendberg
Remembering Allan Sekula (1951–2013)

Luis Camnitzer
León Ferrari (1920–2013)

Artists’ Editions

Julie Mehretu
Untitled (pulse), 2013

Jorinde Voigt
Situationsstudie IX, 2013

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