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Open Editions (London) and Hordaland Art Centre (Bergen) are pleased to announce the publication of the third book in the Occasional Table series: Self-Organised. Edited by Stine Hebert and Anne Szefer Karlsen, this title follows the critically acclaimed anthologies, Curating Subjects and Curating and the Educational Turn.

Self-Organised  Photo: David Blamey, 2013.
Self-Organised Photo: David Blamey, 2013.

The current economic situation and society’s low confidence in its institutions demands that artists become more imaginative in the way that they organise themselves. If labels such as ‘alternative’, ‘non-profit’ and ‘artist-run’ dominated the self-organised art scene of the late nineties, the separatist position implied by the use of these terms has been moderated during the intervening years. This new anthology of accounts from the frontline includes contributions by artist practitioners as well as their institutional counterparts that provide a fascinating account of the art world as a matrix of positions where the balance of power and productivity constantly shifts. Artists, curators and critics discuss empirical and theoretical approaches from Europe, Africa and South and North America on how self-organisation today oscillates between the self and the group, self-imposed bureaucratisation and flexibility, aestheticisation and activism.

Text contributions by: Julie Ault, Maibritt Borgen, Céline Condorelli & Johan Frederik Hartle, Anthony Davies, Stephan Dillemuth & Jakob Jakobsen, Ekaterina Degot, Charles Esche & David Riff, Barnaby Drabble, Jonas Ekeberg, Linus Elmes, Juan A Gaitán, Abdellah Karroum, Livia Pancu, Jan Verwoert, What, How & For Whom/WHW
ISBN: 978-0-949004-17-8

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Hordaland Art Centre is based in Bergen, Norway and was established 1976 as the first artist-run art centre in Norway. The programme focuses on exhibitions—often including newly commissioned works—with equal emphasis on seminars, publications and dialogue. Since 1987 Hordaland Art Centre has hosted a residency programme open to international artists, curators, writers and other art professionals by invitation. Hordaland Art Centre bookshop carries a broad range of magazines and books dealing with contemporary art and culture, artist books and our own publications. We stock more than 500 titles from well-known, as well as artist and independent publishers. Hordaland Art Centre is situated in one of the oldest remaining school buildings in Bergen where we focus on local commitment in an international every day.

Founded in 1992, Open Editions operates as an independent platform for creative partnerships between artists, designers, academics, writers, curators and critics. An ethos of experimentation and equality underpins our publishing: theory and practice are combined; artists and writers exchange ideas on a level playing field; the subject is encouraged to speak directly for itself. Each of our publishing projects is conceived, resourced, designed and produced by contributors whose ideas coalesce around topics of interest held in common. Often, we employ an approach whereby experts from diverse fields of practice are encouraged to conduct a dialogue, as opposed to making singular statements. In this way, Open Editions publications are conceived as workshops for ideas that contribute to an expanded notion of both making and writing about art.

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