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TEXTE ZUR KUNST December 2012 / Issue No. 88

The December issue of Texte zur Kunst examines processes of value-formation in the art world and beyond. It pursues the question of which factors and players are involved in the production of value, but in doing so it is less interested in the motivations behind individual actions than in the specific structure of the mechanisms effecting value-formation. Value can be understood as an accumulation of human labor in an (artistic) object, although not every object containing human labor is, of course, experienced as valuable. In this sense, value can also be an attribution of artistic relevance, which implies clearly distinguishing it from the concept of monetary value: Value is not the same as price. In each of the various segments of the art world—the market, the exhibition circuit, academic studies, critique—specific criteria for value-formation have evolved. Furthermore, the process by which value is produced proves to be basically open and incomplete, and value is something that is newly negotiated time and again. This is true of the field of art, but also of all other areas of social interaction.

Plus reviews from Basel, Berlin, Bregenz, Cologne, Düsseldorf, Frankfurt/M., New York, Paris, Rotterdam, and Vienna.

Exclusive new artists’ editions:
Simon Denny, Jeff Koons, and Franz Erhard Walther

English Content


Isabelle Graw
The Value of the Art Commodity
Twelve theses on human labor, mimetic desire, and aliveness

At Any Cost
Seven questions for Todd Levin

André Orléan
What Is the Economic Value Worth?

Mikkel Bolt Rasmussen
The End of Contemporary Art’s Bubble Economy

Diedrich Diederichsen
Time, Object, Commodity

The Value of Autonomy
A conversation between Kerstin Stakemeier and Marina Vishmidt about the reproduction of art


Chris Reitz
House Beautiful
On John M Armleder at the Swiss Institute, New York

John Miller
Napoleon in Rags
On Andreas Wegner at Petra Rinck Galerie, Düsseldorf

James Voorhies
Attraction and Repulsion in What It All Means
On Eran Schaerf at Zwinger Galerie, Berlin

David Joselit
The Power to Style
On Bernadette Corporation at Artists Space, New York

Sven Lütticken
Why Collaboration Matters in Art and Elsewhere as Never Before
On Surplus Authors at Witte de With, Rotterdam

André Rottmann
Sculpture as Retrieval
On Gabriel Orozco at the Deutsche Guggenheim, Berlin


Daniel Buren
Michael Asher – God Is in the Details

Artists’ Editions

Simon Denny
Wer nicht umsteigt, wird abgeschaltet, 2012

Jeff Koons
Untitled (Antiquity Drawing), 2012

Franz Erhard Walther
Materialhandlung, 2012

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