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Badlands Unlimited announce publication of HELL TREE by Petra Cortright

Badlands Unlimited announce the publication of HELL_TREE by Petra Cortright.

HELL_TREE is the first e-book by acclaimed net artist Petra Cortright. Since 2005, Cortright has produced a unique body of work that evokes the precarious nature of life in the age of media saturation. HELL_TREE consists of a series of writings by Cortright that exists solely within the context of her computer desktop. By turns technical, absurd, tender, and urgent, HELL_TREE is an unfiltered recording of Cortright’s thoughts during the course of her days. To-do lists conflate with poems. Motivational pronouncements interlace with inflammatory tweets. Texts and images pile and compile without any particular structure other than an unspoken directive to keep everything moving and formless. HELL_TREE embodies this spirit of formlessness. It is an intimate portrait of the artist as a young medium.

HELL_TREE by Petra Cortright
E-book, 107 pages, 2012
ISBN 978-1-936440-37-5
Available now on Apple iBooks and Amazon

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