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SAMMLUNG VERBUND Announce Catalogue Raisonne of Cindy Sherman’s Early Works

January 2012 will see publication of the catalogue raisonné “Cindy Sherman. The Early Works 1975-1977”. For more than 35 years, Cindy Sherman (born in 1954 in Glen Ridge, New Jersey) has been visualising a multitude of role models and female identities. The artist elevated the game of transformation into her artistic concept and, in her early years, created numerous hitherto unknown photographs. SAMMLUNG VERBUND has academically edited the conceptual beginnings of her œuvre into a comprehensive catalogue raisonné.

SAMMLUNG VERBUND was established in 2004 as a corporate collection with a contemporary, international orientation. VERBUND views commitment to art as a key part of its company culture. The emphasis of the collection is on international art from 1970. The Board of Trustees, a group of international experts, consists of Gabriele Schor, (manager of the collection), Philipp Kaiser and Marc-Olivier Wahler.The focus is on entire work groups, such as the early work of Cindy Sherman, as well as the subjects highlighted by the feminist avantgarde and spaces/places.

256 pages, approx. 288 illustrations
23 x 29 cm, bound
ISBN 978-3-7757-2980-2 (German)
ISBN 978-3-7757-2981-9 (English)
January 2012
Hatje Cantz publishing company

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