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Bonniers Konsthall Announces Two New Publications

Two new publications from Bonniers Konsthall

With texts by Erik Andersson, Sara Arrhenius, Magnus Bergh, J L Borges, Daniela Castro, Eduard Glissant, Aleksandar Hemon, Osman Lins, Clarice Lispector, Vladimir Nabokov, Marcia Sá Cavalcante Schuback, Vladimir Safatle, Cecilia Sjöholm, Jochen Volz.

Our world is enmeshed in translation. We translate between different languages, between images and words, between different types of signs, between different cultural spheres, between geographical places, between thought and action, and so on. The practice of translation is both multifaceted and hard to comprehend. Through new texts and newly translated texts, this anthology brings together some perspectives on how we can view translation. For various reasons Brazilian culture has come to be one of our starting points; Brazil here gets to exemplify a culture of translation, a history of translation, and an axis in relation to which other cultures inscribe their own history into the form of the translation.

Translatability has come about in tandem with an exhibition that also puts the problems of translation centre stage. The exhibition, like the anthology, is part of a collaboration on the question of translation between Bonniers Konsthall, Södertörn University and the Albert Bonniers Publishers.

ISBN: 978-91-0-012641-4
Editors: Sara Arrhenius, Magnus Bergh, Cecilia Sjöholm
Language: Swedish and English
Published by: Albert Bonniers Förlag 2011

Scene shifts
With texts by Sara Arrhenius, Keren Cytter and Andrew Kerton, Camilla Eeg-Tverbakk, Magnus Florin, Heiner Goebbels, Jacob Hirdwall, Ragnar Kjartansson, Matthew Wilson Smith.

Scene shifts is an anthology that arose in the meeting between art and theatre. The book is pro¬duced as a part of an extensive collaboration be¬tween Bonniers Konsthall and The Royal Dramatic Theatre of Sweden and is based on contempo¬rary art’s interest in theatre. Artists are writing scripts, working with actors, creating pieces of art that resemble plays or in other ways connect to the realm of theatre. Theatre is simultaneously in¬terested in contemporary art’s free methods. With new and elder texts, combined with a rich amount of pictures from the exhibition Scene Shifts from the fall of 2010, an image of a deep relationship although not always free of conflict reveals itself.

Editors: Sara Arrhenius, Magnus Florin
Language: Swedish and English
Published by: Albert Bonniers Förlag 2011

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