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New Book “The Noise Beneath the Apple™” Spotlights the New York City Street Music Scene

“The Noise Beneath the Apple™”, a new art book celebrating the street music scene in the subways of New York City, will showcase performers making a living entertaining commuters. The developers of the project are looking for financial support to complete the project.

“We have spent over 18 months collecting stories and photos of our local street musicians for this book,” said Jacks, author of The Noise Beneath the Apple™. “There are some great histories and inspirations found in the New York underground, that are relevant, not only here, but throughout the world.”

The project founders, Heather Jacks and Bryan Close, have launched a campaign on Kickstarter to raise $25,000 for the production of the book. Without financial support these timeless stories will never be told.
“We need the support of the community to make the printing of this book a reality,” Jacks said. “Everyone is invited to participate. We have 90 days to raise the funds on Kickstarter, beginning August 5th.”

The book, which is an over sized, art style book, includes previously untold stories and unpublished photos, frame ready art and an audio component.
“We have set out to capture the experience of artists who put their life’s work on display daily in this jaw-dropping public setting,” says Close. “Our vision is to share this with not only those that have never set foot in the subway system, but also with future generations.”

“By telling these narratives, we hope people will be motivated to follow their passions and live their dreams,” says Jacks. “We get to share the very personal stories of Alice Tan Ridley, Natalia Paruz-The Saw Lady, Floyd Lee Hooker, and many more.”

So far, the support has been incredible. “For example,” says Jacks, “Jeri Hart, guitar strap designer to such celebs as Sir Elton John, Keith Richards and Sheryl Crow, has provided us with a one of a kind strap, called Lady Liberty, which we get to use as a contributor award on Kickstarter. It has been airbrushed by guest artist, world class musician, David Karns! The strap is currently on display at Ellis Island Museum.”

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