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The Impressive Paintings of Figurative Artist Eric Zener New book by Art Publishing Ltd

Contemporary figurative painter Eric Zener has produced a large collection of fine art works over the past decade, and gathered quite a patronage in the process. The artist can often be found in his Sausalito based studio, working between spending time with his children, and creating works of art that often take the viewer into a meditative space within his carefully placed brush strokes.

Zener is best known for painting figures immersed in water, and his work often features his wife Julie who was at one time a competitive swimmer. “I believe there is a universal connection to water and a collective desire for renewal and joy,” says Zener, “Regardless of who you are or where you come from, we all feel a great sense of transformation from the world above when we are submerged in the blue water of a pool or the boundless space of the sea.”

Zener first embraced the subject of water in 1997, and has since created an oeuvre that is both respected and admired by art collectors worldwide.

“Eric’s use of swimmers and bathers as subjects has strong art historical precedents. The impressionists, most notable Cezanne, and later Picasso, made frequent use of the subject,” explains gallery owner Charles Hespe, “Whether intentionally or not, Eric has chosen a similar process to create his paintings.”

Art Publishing LTD ( in collaboration with The Arts Fund approached the prolific artist in late 2009 with one idea in mind; to compile the enormous body of work Eric Zener had generated, and publish a book that would be a compendium of his best works to date.

“Working with The Arts Fund and ultimately Art Publishing LTD was a thrill on many levels. Aside from enjoying our shared creative spirit with the project, it also was quite emotional in many respects, sifting through so many paintings from so many events in my life. Ultimately we decided to focus on the last few years. However, the chance to index and catalog 20 years of work was a personal joy and a reflective journey,” says Zener.

The appropriately titled ZENER presents a collection of over 150 beautifully reproduced images, accompanied by the narratives of scholars, critics, fellow artists, poets, collectors, and dealers. The book’s 244 pages takes readers on a visual journey though Zener’s paintings, into his studio, and features essays that give meaning and add depth to his artistry.

“I think his work appeals to people because they can place themselves within the paintings – his work is about transformation, about choice. People can relate, because it’s something we all experience,” explains publisher Becky Goldfischer, “His work is about the emotional state, and his collectors can connect to that. He connects with the emotional side of the human condition.”

Collectors of Eric Zener’s work will be pleasantly surprised with a hand painted 15.75″ x 13.75″ original resin work by the artist entitled IMMERSION, included with purchase the exclusive Limited Edition version of the book.

“I wanted to set aside fifty copies of ZENER within this first printing, and make a body of original work to go with them. In addition to my oil paintings I also make resin paintings. These are all made by painting on film, working with gold leaf, silver leaf, paper, resin and ink,” explains the artist, “Generally I make only up to 4 to 6 of each image; each as an original piece. In the case of the limited edition version of the book, I made fifty total.”

This marks the second time Art Publishing Ltd. has published a book on a well known contemporary artist, while also offering collectors a chance to own the artist’s work as well.

NSPIRED BY THE BEAT features the work of David “LEBO” Le Batard, a Cuban American artist who is best recognized for his live painting performances alongside well known musical acts. The book delves into his aesthetic which has been dubbed “Postmodern Cartoon Expressionism,” a blend of cartoon imagery, linear composition, and heavily saturated color palettes. The 160 page book provides an in-depth look into the world of LEBO, his following, and the artist’s process.

The Limited Edition version of INSPIRED BY THE BEAT is set at 300 copies, and also features a piece of art hand painted by Le Batard himself. Adding that extra level of class and sophistication, the Limited Edition book has been housed in a mahogany box inlaid with a silver winged LEBO medallion, perfect for the David Le Batard collector.
To purchase either ZENER or INSPIRED BY THE BEAT please visit the Art Publishing Ltd. website. The site offers page by page book previews, exclusive artist video footage, and much more information pertaining to the artists.

Art Publishing Ltd. ( is dedicated to providing the discerning consumer and sophisticated reader with the ultimate experience in informational high arts and sciences literature, modern and post-modern artist biographies, and luxury coffee table editions. They believe the power of art ignites the imagination, stimulates thought, and provides entertainment. Art Publishing Ltd. strives to provoke thought in the arts community, and support the role of art in society through their publications.

THE ARTS FUND ( commercializes innovation in the high arts, films, and social sciences. Innovation within the Arts Fund is aided by computational information design principles amplifying vision and vantage. Housed within San Francisco Sentry Investments (, the fund was borne into a long tradition of civic-minded high finance. Alongside traditional early stage venture capital investments, the Arts Fund portfolio includes high art, film, music & design. In support of the portfolio, Arts Fund general partners and trusted brands deliver a market, audience, and infrastructure for patronage.

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