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From 2nd – 4th September 2011 the Haus der Photographie, Deichtorhallen Hamburg, Germany celebrates the premiere of the PHOTO+ART BOOK HAMBURG.

This new fair focuses on the printed publication as an autonomous form of artistic expression. It accommodates not just a variety of exciting stalls but also offers exhibitions, workshops, lectures and booksignings. The PHOTO+ART BOOK HAMBURG addresses professionals, artists, creative individuals, printers, interested amateurs as well as book and art lovers.

The types of printed publications – whether a book, newspaper, magazine or zine – as an artistic voice are more diverse than ever before. It’s particularly collectors and fans who show considerable interest and whose community continues to grow. The days when books or magazines merely featured art are over. More than ever books and magazines are evolving into media vehicles for artistic ideas and concepts. Especially in recent years artistic forms of publication have become increasingly popular with producers and consumers.

„Art shows come and go, but books stay around for years. They are works themselves, not reproductions of works. Books are the best medium for many artists working today.” – Sol LeWitt –

Many artists aspire to present their work not just at exhibitions but also through publishing their projects in books to reach a broader audience both nationally and internationally. Therefore the PHOTO+ART BOOK HAMBURG is determined to support young talent and creative movements even beyond the mainstream. Independent publishers, editors, artists, designers, printers and absolute beginners can apply for a booth at the fair to exhibit in the “Young Creatives and Independents” section.

The PHOTO+ART BOOK HAMBURG is hosted by the Freundeskreis des Hauses der Photographie e.V. and was initiatied by art historian Jasmin Seck and cultural manager Oliver Lähndorf.

The fair aims to provide artists, photgrapgers, curators, collectors and the interested individuals with an exclusive insight into the national and international factory of artistic publications. It constitutes a stage with a scope that offers plenty of opportunities to exchange ideas on potentials and barriers concerning the diverse artistic print media.

The Photo+Art Book Hamburg is intended to be a platform for experts, artists, printers, book and art lovers as well as the interested laity. The Photo+Art Book Hamburg is a further development of the Photobook Days 2010. The lead organizer is the association Freundeskreis des Hauses der Photographie e.V.. The venue is the House of Photography, Deichtorhallen Hamburg, Germany.

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