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Cheekwood Curator of Art Publishes New Book, Internationalizing the History of American Art

Cheekwood’s Curator of Art, Jochen Wierich, Ph.D., along with Barbara Groseclose, has recently completed Internationalizing the History of American Art, a collection of essays by scholars and museum professionals in the field of American art. Besides being co-editor of this anthology, Wierich also contributed an essay on German art historians and American art.

American art history is a remarkably young, but rapidly growing, discipline. As a result of this growth, American art history has become “internationalized,” represented by scholars and exhibitions around the globe. While this international transmission and exchange of ideas will undoubtedly prove to be valuable, it has been left largely unexamined. Internationalizing the History of American Art begins a critical examination of this exchange, showing how it has become part of the maturation of American art history.

In this book, a distinguished group of scholars considers the shaping and dissemination of the history of American art domestically and internationally, past and present, theoretically and practically, from a variety of intellectual positions and experiences. To do so, they draw on a literature that, collectively, constitutes a bibliography for the future of the field. Three sections—”American Art and Art History,” “Display and Exposition,” and “Post–1945 Investments”—provide the structure in which the contributors examine the existing narrative framework for the history of American art. This examination indicates a direction for the field and a future historiography that is shaped by international dialogue.

Jochen Wierich has published articles in such periodicals as Winterthur Portfolio, American Art, American Studies International, and Film and History. He is a contributing author to a number of exhibition catalogues, including New World: Creating an American Art (2007) and The Eight and American Modernisms (2009).

Barbara Groseclose is Professor and Graduate Chair in the Department of the History of Art at Ohio State University. She was a Distinguished Chair of American Studies in Utrecht (1994) and in Florence (2001) and a Visiting Research Fellow at the University of Oxford (2006). Her major publications are Nineteenth-Century American Art (2000) and British Sculpture and the Company Raj (1995).

This book is published by Penn State University Press. For more information or to buy this book, go to or call 800-326-9180.

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