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Second Nautilus Gold Award for Author and Photographer, Simhananda

This high quality coffee table book contains more than 400 original colour photographs. The winners were announced at the 2009 Book Expo America in New York. This is the second Gold Award for the author, Simhananda.

The photographs in this volume of transformative photography are somewhat like little wake-up calls or soul-ar beams rousing us into a greater wakefulness, and coaxing us to see the world in a totally fresh perspective… one that is ordinarily extraordinary and extraordinarily ordinary.

Simhananda invites the reader to relax and let the photos speak for themselves. They have their own Truth to convey and communicate. All of the photographs are original and come with a subjective, often humorous, witty comment. You will certainly be touched by the beauty and mystery of planet Earth.

“Contemplating the pages of this book will surely invoke a state of inner peace and calm in each and everyone who takes the time to slowly appreciate each page, one at the time. Let the subtle meaning of the photographs surprise you and make you smile,” says Josee D. Senecal, Chief Editor at Orange Palm Publications.

“This is a coffee table book that every one should have,” says Alim Thompson, President of New Leaf Distributing Company.

“Our Ordinary Extraordinary Earth and Its Extraordinary Ordinary People” is the third book in Simhananda’s collection on transformative photography. He is currently working on a new book for winter 2009.

About the author
Erudite, poet, music lover and art collector, Simhananda is an avid ‘terra’ traveler and his photography captures the essence of his many travels. Simhananda’s first photography book entitled “Buddhas, Bodhisattvas, Khadromas and the Way of the Pilgrim” received a Gold Award at the Nautilus Book Awards in 2008. He lives quietly and privately near Montreal, Canada.

About Nautilus Book Awards
Nautilus Book Awards showcase creative, inspirational, and life-changing books and celebrate how they contribute to positive social change, spiritual growth, conscious living, high-level wellness, and responsible leadership.

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Our Ordinary Extraordinary Earth and Its Extraordinary Ordinary People
ISBN: 978-0-9809694-1-2
Price: CDN$139.95; US$134.95
Trim: 11 x 13 x 1 in; 28 x 33 x 2.5 cm
Hardcover; 410 colour photographs; 372 pages

Independent Montreal publishers, Orange Palm and Magnificent Magus Publications Inc., have a modern and innovative approach to universal wisdom, to physical, emotional and spiritual well being, and to inner transformation. These books touch the heart of readers and are known internationally for their quality, as well as their creative and original writings.
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