apexart Life Between Borders

apexart Life Between Borders book launch

apexart has been publishing relevant books since 2006. The latest title, Life Between Borders: The Nomadic Life of Curators and Artists, considers the consequences of frequent relocation and travel in the art world. Launched April 12, 2014, 4pm.
As arts professionals and artists relocate more often and on a larger, global …

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Museum of Contemporary Art Leipzig Cafe bau bau and new publications

April 14, 2014 – 8:08 am |

The Museum of Contemporary Art Leipzig (GfZK) is pleased to present its newly designed café and its latest publications.

Celine Condorelli, cafe bau bau, 2014. Photo: Sebastian Schroder.

Celine Condorelli, cafe bau bau, 2014. Photo: Sebastian Schroder.

Céline Condorelli: bau bau
Produced by Lars Bergmann and Michael Hahn
Ever since the Museum of Contemporary Art was founded, the museum café has been redesigned by artists at regular intervals. bau bau is the name of the new café created by London-based artist Céline Condorelli. bau bau brings together a sequence of historical and mythological narratives in the form of pieces of furniture, china, lights, and interior architecture. Each narrative element talks about how objects are determined by the way in which they are used, owned, displayed, treated, and classified. bau bau was imagined and performed as part of the School for Design Fiction project by James Langdon.

Book: James Langdon: The School for Design Fiction
The School for Design Fiction is an itinerant school, which employs the curious genre of ‘design fiction’ to assert storytelling as the primary function of design, assuming that every artifact has the potential to express the character of the culture that produced it. The publication documents and expands on the founding of the school at GfZK Leipzig through a series of imagined scenarios. These include a drama at the printer for architect Augustus Pugin in 1836, the history of the universe as observed on an English hillside in 1937, the first human trial of split brain surgery in California in 1961, and a Scottish speech synthesis studio in 2013.

Edited by Franciska Zólyom, Concept/Text/Graphic Design by James Langdon, Published by Spector Books, 136 pp., German/English.

Book: Kateřina Šedá and BATEŽO MIKILU: Zastávka
In collaboration with six teenagers czech artist Kateřina Šedá created a walk-in model of their home town Zastávka (CZ) in the GfZK Gallery. The exhibition was a result of their long-lasting collective research focused on the place where there “is nothing interesting.” The wish to improve the living conditions of the people and their self-identification with their surrounding resulted in the series of interactive actions. The book reveals the questions that were asked, the knowledge that was gained in the process, and the different interactions. Thus, it shows the process of how the individuals’ perception of their environment changes. Art plays the role of a socially engaged practice and serves as the activator of change. The book is not only a document of the exhibition but also a tourist guide for the village of Zastávka.

Edited by Julia Schäfer. Design by Radim Peško. Published by Spector Books, 167 pp., German/English/Czech.

Book: Art in Times of Grey Democracy (upcoming)
The arts are generally seen as having the capacity to portray things in their complexity, making associations between the views and interests of individuals and the general discourse in such a way that conflicts are not avoided, but recognized in their social significance and channeled to function in a productive way. Based on the series “Performative Democracy” conceived by Joanna Warsza for GfZK, the publication Art in Times of Grey Democracy asks how art can sharpen our critical perception and the forming of our opinions and how it can contribute towards implementing social and political power of action while incorporating our own involvement. With contributions by Ulf Aminde, Pablo Helguera, Lenka Kukurova, Julia Kurz, Elzbieta Matynia, Alexandra Pirici, Joanna Warsza, and Franciska Zólyom.

Edited by Julia Kurz, Joanna Warsza, and Franciska Zólyom. Design by Leila Tabassomi. Published by Spector Books, 64 pp., German/English.

All projects are part of the series Responsive Subjects – On the Design of Collective Actions. Responsive Subjects is funded by the German Federal Cultural Foundation, the Cultural Foundation of the Free State of Saxony, The German-Czech Future Fund, the British Council, and the Friends of the Museum of Contemporary Art Leipzig.

Museum of Contemporary Art Leipzig
Karl-Tauchnitz-Straße 9-11
D-04107 Leipzig

Artforum April 2014

April 2, 2014 – 7:46 am |
Artforum April 2014

Download the April issue of Artforum, available now on the iTunes newsstand. And get the iPhone app for artguide—the art world’s most comprehensive directory of exhibitions, events, and art fairs in more than 500 cities—here.
This month in Artforum:
J. Hoberman looks through the peerless lens of Michael Snow:
“Snow’s strongest pieces are …

Sternberg Press publish The Contemporary, the Common: Art in a Globalizing World

March 21, 2014 – 7:48 am |
Art in a Globalizing World

Links between art, contemporaneity, and the common lie at the heart of Chantal Pontbriand’s writings as a critic, editor, and curator. This collection of essays written in the first decade of the twenty-first century looks at the different issues that arise when examining what binds the practice of art to …

frieze issue 162 published

March 21, 2014 – 7:43 am |
frieze issue 162

Island Life: Dan Fox invites six artists, curators and writers to give their opinion on how identity, infrastructure and education shape art in the Caribbean today. With over 700 islands, each hosting a different range of languages, the region represents a uniquely rich and complex set of cultures and histories. …

Afterall issue 35 published

March 10, 2014 – 7:37 am |
Afterall issue 35

Afterall presents issue 35, spring 2014, which examines art’s relationship to its economic context. Through the work of Olga Chernysheva, Teatro da Vertigem and Tony Chakar we look at art’s capacity to challenge the commodification of life under late capitalism, while accompanying essays reflect upon the conditions of circulation and …

Bonniers Konsthall announces New publication: Andreas Eriksson, Roundabouts

March 10, 2014 – 7:32 am |

On the occasion of the solo exhibition Roundabouts, Bonniers Konsthall is presents the new publication Andreas Eriksson, published by Koenig Books.
One persistent question that pervades Western history is the relationship between nature and culture. This recurring theme in art, philosophy and politics is addressed by each and every generation that …

Artforum March 2014

March 3, 2014 – 7:55 am |
Artforum March 2014

This month in Artforum:
“Event Scores”: In his final interview, multidisciplinary artist Terry Adkins, who passed away unexpectedly as our March issue went to press, talked with composer and computer-music pioneer George Lewis about performance, improvisation, history, race, and sensation:
“The Mars rover is my model of what I want to make …

PALAIS Magazine issue 19 published

February 27, 2014 – 8:05 am |
PALAIS Magazine issue 19

Featured in issue 19
–Writings by artists: Hiroshi Sugimoto; Thomas Hirschhorn; Ed Atkins
–“New Ghost Stories,” a dossier by Georges Didi-Huberman and Arno Gisinger
–A “Little Illustrated Dictionary of the Fall” edited by Marie de Brugerolle and Gérard Wajcman
–Hiroshi Sugimoto by the art critic Minoru Shimizu
–A conversation with the artist David Douard and …